Paul V. Nelson, Ph.D., FASHS: iAVs Co-Investigator

One of the key members of the iAVs Research Group is Dr. Paul V. Nelson, a highly regarded expert in both Botanical Mineral Nutrition and Greenhouse Management. Dr. Nelson graciously provided the greenhouse space for the initial, formal iAVs research.  In fact, absent his early support, iAVs would have likely not happened.

Dr. Nelson’s prestigious position within the scientific community and his numerous publications in esteemed journals are a testament to his expertise and dedication to advancing the field of sustainable agriculture.

His profound expertise has significantly contributed to the development and refinement of iAVs. With his comprehensive understanding of plant nutrition, Dr. Nelson confirmed that the system’s plants received all necessary nutrients for vigorous growth and optimal yield. This knowledge holds particular importance in the context of iAVs where efficient nutrient cycling between the aquaculture and horticulture components is essential.

Moreover, Dr. Nelson’s extensive experience in greenhouse management plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining the ideal conditions for both the aquatic and horticultural elements of iAVs. His work in this area optimizes environmental parameters within greenhouses, including temperature, humidity, and light levels, ensuring the system operates efficiently year-round. The combination of his expertise in plant nutrition and greenhouse management provides a strong foundation for the success and sustainability of iAVs.

Dr. Nelson’s book, “Greenhouse Operation and Management,” is widely recognized as a comprehensive textbook in the field of horticulture and greenhouse management. Now in its seventh edition, it is extensively utilized in university-level courses worldwide. This resource not only serves as an educational tool for advanced college courses but also proves invaluable to greenhouse growers and managers as a reliable reference.

“Greenhouse Operation and Management” reflects Dr. Nelson’s decades-long understanding of greenhouse cultivation, providing a profound level of insight that is admired by both academic and professional audiences.

Paul V. Nelson, Ph.D., FASHS, was a significant contributor to the iAVs Research Group, and his expertise, abilities, and experience in botanical mineral nutrition and greenhouse management have played a crucial role in the development and success of iAVs. His participation in the project brings credibility to iAVs as a sustainable solution for food production, water conservation, and nutrition.


This blog is part of a series where we examine the members of the iAVs Research Group.

The Research Group for the Integrated AquaVegeculture System (iAVs ) is distinguished by its scientific rigor and the credentials of its members. During the foundational research phase from 1984 to 1994, the team consisted of seven co-investigators from five disciplines, nine principal consultants, and contributions from over four dozen other consultants and technicians. This multidisciplinary team published work in five peer-reviewed journals and collaborated with faculty from 16 departments within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, as well as other institutions.

The credibility of iAVs is further enhanced by the involvement of recognized professionals from various fields around the world. The research team has also collaborated with contributors from over 30 external institutions, including the USDA, which conducted a two-year commercial demonstration project.

This extensive collaboration and the team’s scientific background differentiate iAVs from similar systems. It is the only system in its category supported by credible science, research papers, and a significant trial period conducted under the auspices of the USDA.

The team’s dedication to empirical evidence and peer recognition, with 10 members being honored as “Fellow” in their respective fields, highlights the scientific foundation of iAVs .

Click here for the full list of the iAVs Research Team.


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Paul V. Nelson, Ph.D., FASHS: iAVs Co-Investigator