Promoting and Supporting
Sustainable Human Nutrition – Globally.

Forever alive in our memory.

Gary Donaldson, much loved and respected friend, husband to Jan and passionate teacher and advocate of the iAVs system and master of this website, passed away on Saturday morning 1st July, 2023 at 3:40am.

You will be missed Gary. Your contribution to the iAVs system and helping achieve the goal for food security for everyone will always be inspiring and your lamp will be carried on with those lives that you touched and forever changed for the very best.

Rest In Peace

It’s a biological fact of life that you eat – or you die!

Once we accept that we need food…regularly…our first concern must be for its source. How do we get it when we need it? 
We might have thought that our food supply was secure prior to the COVID-19 pandemic but that experience – coupled with some serious geopolitical events that are playing out around the world – has shaken that faith. The memory of how quickly the supermarket shelves emptied still burns in our minds.
The questions quickly mount up from that point. Where does it come from? How do we ensure its quality? What will it cost and will we be able to afford it? 
The answer to all of these questions is to…

Grow it yourself!

We have a food production method that is unique, scientifically proven – and simple to apply. One that will put clean fresh organic food on your table – in short order. Further, it requires little to build and operate…and it’s infinitely scalable from one square metre to a million square metres
And we can teach you everything you need to succeed. Really!

If you are responsible for feeding others, and you need the most productive, resilient and sustainable way to acquire food, we have the means for you to do that.
Let’s get you started with this 6-minute video in which we put the case for finding a different way of growing food in a world with more people, less arable land and less water.
Now that you have a handle on what drives us, we invite you to read our free e-book…”Horticulture’s Best Kept Secret” for a better appreciation of what iAVs Sandgardening is, how it works and what it can do for you.
Not just an interesting story, this little book will demonstrate that there are practical and sustainable solutions to our existing and emerging food crises. You’ll also be at the crossroad to a transformative technology that will change your life…from your backyard up!

Signing up for the online e-book also gets you access to our Free membership page where you’ll be able so see iAVs Sangardening up close…and we’ll be able to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in this brave new world.

Read the e-book! Join up! Tell us how we can help you!

If you want secure supplies of clean fresh organic food for your family…

If you’re an NGO/PVO and you have a funded project that requires our help…

If you want a commercial enterprise and you’d like our assistance…

See iAVs Sandgardening at Work

Visit with some of our farmers and gardeners to see just a few of the crops that can be grown in an iAVs Sandgarden.