A Recently Discovered 22-Year Old iAVs.

In 2017, a member of one of my Facebook groups unearthed a substantial article about an iAVs system that had been established in 1998. While that was a surprise, it was nothing compared to the discovery that the system that was the subject of the article was still operating – 22 years after its establishment.…
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Why Does iAVs Use Sand?

The use of sand for use in water filtration pre-dates recorded history. Sand was ‘understood’ to be a highly effective means of purifying water by the Babylonians, ancient Africans, Chinese, Egyptians, Israelis, Native Americans etc … albeit that they did…

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Why iAVs lapsed into Obscurity.

Steve Diver’s ATTRA aquaponics document was one of the very few general information sources pertaining to aquaponics – leading up to its renaissance in the mid-2000’s. My recent re-reading of this document revealed some interesting insights including: My initial impression of…

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The Scientific Method

One of our motivations in developing this site, is to have Aquaponics become a scientific discipline – subject to valid inquiry and elucidation – via the scientific method. The goal of Science is to know as many true things – and as…

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Why iAVs ?

There are many reasons for choosing iAVs as a food production strategy.   Broadly speaking, iAVs is simpler to build and easier to use.  It also requires few resources and has less of an impact on the environment. More food…

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A Tale of Two Visions

The following ‘tale’ is of two contrasting ‘visions’: one full of hope, aspiration, and confidence; the other a categorical absence of same.  Although what follows is allegorical in character, this story should neither be construed as a fairy-tale nor in…

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