9 – Conclusion


Course Review

If you can build and operate an iAVs sandgarden – as a result of your participation – then you have successfully completed this course. Congratulations!

If you completed the course and came away with a clear understanding that iAVs…

  • Is truly unique.
  • It is simple to build and operate.
  • It is able to meet all the claims made for it.
  • Furthermore, it is underpinned by scientific investigation and commercial trials.
  • Will underpin your food security and quality.

…then you got it! Outstanding!

If you feel a sense of excitement at iAVs’ potential – if you become a little restless thinking of what the method might mean to you (or to others) – then I’ve succeeded in what I set out to do.

The iAVs Sandgardening Demonstration Centre

Having read How to Build and Operate an iAVs Sandgarden, you can enter our communities with a basic knowledge of iAVs – so much so that the conversations will have a familiar ring to them – and with the course within easy reach, you’ll be able to participate with confidence – without the discussions being cluttered with the questions that every newcomer is bound to have.

The iAVs Sandgardening Demonstration Centre is where we advance the method’s knowledge base through building and operating sandgardens – at any scale – in many locations throughout the world. It’s also where we conduct comparisons and trials in pursuit of the optimisation of our method.