Horrible News

Mark here. Just learned that Gary has ‘passed on’ on Saturday July 1 following a heart attack a couple weeks back. His surviving spouse reports it was relatively peaceful. Just learned this a few minutes ago so haven’t had time to process the news myself. Obviously he will be sorely missed and was a true champion of iAVs as well as to sustainable living. Just wow!

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  1. As a newcomer to the iAVs community, I was saddened by the news of Gary’s passing and extend my condolences. Concerns about the community’s future have arisen from recent discussions. I believe utilizing a comprehensive system like Odoo could address the expressed needs. If needed, I’m willing to contribute to this effort.

  2. I looked at some random content of your draft ‘knowledge base’. Two comments – so far – 1) the sections on the iAVs research group personnel is appreciated but several sections are highly redundant/repetitious. 2) the section on “slope” is incorrect. The slope issue has to do with the BOTTOM of the ‘bed’ (filter container). The surface (furrow bottoms) should be as ‘dead level’ as possible (along length and across width) for even distribution of ‘fish waste solids’ (non-soluble nutrient). The bottom is sloped toward the drain (exit) end to facilitate complete drainage and therefore limit the potential to develop anaerobic conditions. I have not looked at all you have generated. Going forward, as you prepare to make this publically available, I ask that I be afforded the prior opportunity to correct/edit any misstatement(s).

  3. Thanks. We’ll see. Do not know what is going to happen next. Seems as the logical steps would be to get all the URL registrations (multiple) changed over to me, gain some sort of access to the Farcebook (sic) Private Group to notify the members there, get APN (Gary had taken over again and Kellen is not responding) to recognize my damn registration for the 859th time – which never seems to work, and get the WordPress (website) account and related plugins changed over – btw I HATE wordpress and Farcebook.

    1. Ande is a mod/admin at APN, perhaps he can help – https://aquaponicsnation.com/profile/968-ande/

      As far as I know, Jan should be able to handle the transfers (or assist).

      I use Reddit more than facebook, but both are not ideal.

      Gary and I had considered other platforms (like Drupal) but in the end we kept using wordpress because we both were able to work in it fairly easily.

      Gary expressed interest in seeing a knowledgebase built, would you like to see that goal fulfilled as well?

      1. Links to APN do me no good since the site claims my email is not recognized, but when I try to create a new acct it says that email is already in use. (FKN circular BS). Also will not send password or acct recovery messages/links either -says it will but does not. Kellen has not responded either. If you can get in, please ask Ande or whoever to email me so this shit can get sorted out.

        WRT a knowledge base I really don’t know what that would entail or accomplish. I understand the terms but not in its applicability/utility to iAVs – in practice. Jan has just sent me “his tech’s” email but we don’t know how to recover his password protected files since the password list (keychain) is also password protected. This is going to take some time/effort to sort out and on top of that I don’t know how much of what’s left of my increasing limited miserable life I ‘want’ to spend (waste) on continuing to attempt to educate the willfully ignorant and wholly unappreciative who dominantly seem to feel that everything is their right to demand at zero cost. Just say’n.

        1. I sent Ande a message via the forum, I will let you know as soon as I hear from him.

          Gary and I spoke a lot about building a knowledgebase, we had planned on continuing to use wordpress as it meant we could avoid the ‘learning curve’ associated with using a new (different) platform. The knowledgebase will be available for anyone seeking to learn about and build their own iAVs. The goal is to present the information required as accurate as possible and steering people away from hype (bullshit.)

          Gary was committed to building a self-learning facility, and also a way to avoid the same questions being asked repeatedly ad nauseum. In practice, the knowledgebase will provide a central source of information, based upon the iAVs Research.

          I am available to get the work done, and continue to support (promote) iAVs on multiple social media platforms. I am also willing and available to do all the work required to build and maintain the knowledgebase – Gary has granted me access to a lot of information, I have been very slowly organizing/sorting/compiling it so that I can build it – I had started to build a knowledgebase, it is obviously not even close to being finished, and I was also careful not to use any text that may be copyright (without running it thru Gary first) so apologies if this draft is of poor quality (it is) – https://howtokillrobots.com/docs/ I add to it when I get the time, and as Gary always told me: “I’m all over the place like a mad woman’s shit”


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Horrible News