We’ve Moved!

I’ve recently rebuilt the iAVs website…and moved it.

Just so we’re clear right at the outset…iAVs is – and, in my mind, will always remain – the property of Dr Mark R McMurtry.  He’s made it available – open source – to the world since its inception in the mid-1980’s…and nothing about the changes that I’ve described should be taken to suggest that there has been any change in ownership or open source availability.

The iAVs site is now part of a larger one…one that represents all of my interests.  I’d been trying to rationalise my various websites for some time…partly because of the work involved in maintaining the sites – but also because of the cost.  I’ve funded the iAVs website – and all of the work that was done on it – from the outset – and that has become increasingly unsustainable…particularly since I no longer receive a salary.

The other issue is one of focus.  Aside from the iAVs.info site, there is an iAVs Facebook page, an iAVs-sub-forum on my HMFL forum and a couple of other other fragments elsewhere.  None of them is the sole source of iAVs truth…they all contain bits of information that are not to be found onthe other iAVs sites, so it’s time to pull them together in the interests of greater efficiency. 

Anyway, while it’s a work-in-progress, the rebuilt site is already a big improvement over this one.  Finding information is easier – every published article on the site is now linked for ease of access – there’s several articles that have not been published previously…and the FAQ has been expanded.

It’s taken me over a week of fairly steady effort to get it to this point.  The ‘To Do’ list is still long…and my next task is to build a page that will allow us to assist Mark following the fire that left him homeless and destitute.

Anyway, to find the new iAVs site, click on the big button below.

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  If so, feel free to direct them to me at www.garydonaldson.net.