We’re Ready to Help Namibia, but…?

A few weeks ago, a man reached out to us expressing interest in iAVs. There’s nothing unusual about that – it happens on a daily basis.

However, what made this approach different was that this man was from Namibia.

Namibia features large in iAVs history. It was where iAVs experienced its biggest win – and an even greater loss.

The Namibia Debacle and Current Quandary

“Having examined the IAVS food production technology, I believe that the methodology is ideally suited to the requirements of Namibia.“ … “Following consultation with the leadership of the indigenous NGO’s, I believe that the IAVS technology would provide significant opportunities and benefits for the people of Namibia.” 

~ His Excellency, Dr. Sam Nujoma, 18 April 1991.

Soon after Namibian independence in 1990, US$7.5M (equal to $18M today) was secured as a Special Appropriation championed by then US Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell to implement iAVs throughout Namibia.  

These funds were ultimately ‘mis’-appropriated’ in April 1991 by the then-incoming USAID Mission Director ostensibly to purchase homes with which to entice his anticipated staff to Windhoek.   The US State Department, Congress and the Administration were said to be furious about the ‘diversion’ but the funds were already gone – and would not be replaced.

In the interval between the special funding appropriation and the hijacking of Namibia’s food security interest, the Development Plan was formulated to bring iAVs and trained operators to every region of Namibia. 

“I actively support the proposed approach outlined/developed by DR McMurtry, et al., and suggest that his direction and guidance be applied to the continued evolution of the programmatic details (comprehensive planning) as well as in the implementation/execution of the IAVS and supporting technologies for Namibia.”  

~ His Excellency, Dr. Sam Nujoma, 18 April 1991.

SO ….   WHY has iAVs still NOT been implemented in Namibia?   

Why has no one requested/sought appropriate development assistance – be that from iAVs – or sundry alleged NGO/PVO’s – or international ‘AID’ entities – including any other government, UN/FAO or IBRD (World Bank)?

Could it be as simple as no one thought to ask?  That after the funding debacle people just wanted to put it behind them. 

It seems we all just dropped the ball.

If it’s that simple, then the solution to Namibia’s current and future food security issues is equally simple.

iAVs is no less viable than it was the last time it was in Namibia – so it seems that all we have to do it pick the ball up.

We’re willing to engage with Namibia to the full extent of our few resources but little can happen without the commitment and resources of Namibia and its supporters.

Therefore,  GIVEN …

  • that access to complete nutrition is PRIMARY to the health and well-being of a people and therefore to a nation,
  • that ALL health, security, happiness and progress is entirely dependent on food and safe water being available on a timely-made consistent basis – for everyone, 
  • the proven extraordinary efficacy of iAVs and appropriate potential in and for Namibia, 
  • the above clearly stated regard and support expressed by President Nujoma, et al., for iAVs to be broadly implemented in Namibia, 
  • that the inventor of iAVs, Dr. McMurtry, maintains a deep, abiding interest in the health, security and welfare of the Namibian people. 

HOW is it then …

  • that not a single cent or minute of effort has been expended over the past 30-plus years to even begin to implement iAVs in Namibia?  How long need you wait … how long will you suffer? 
  • that government and international assistance funds are spent year after year on relatively trivial affairs and/or substantively inconsequential matters but comparatively little is applied toward locally improving nutrition and survival? 
  • that the most water-efficient, productive and sustainable food production method on Earth has NOT been applied or even attempted in Namibia in over 30 years? 

WHEN will the Namibian people stop accepting/suffering the devastating effects of recurring droughts and demand that iAVs be brought to your communities and tables?  

‘Things’ that cannot continue forever – DON’T!

In Conclusion

WHO in Namibia will demand, support, learn and/or develop iAVs for the benefit of the people and the nation?   

We can only help those willing to solicit and facilitate our assistance.

“Try there is not.  Do or do not.”

~ Yoda

Wisdom is knowing what to do next.  Virtue is doing it.

Any participants for the Virtue Olympics step right up!

Please consider registering (free) at iAVs.info – a social enterprise with the purpose to have iAVs realise its true destiny.  It’s also a learning and development centre and a base for the advancement of iAVs.


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