If you read nothing else…

If you read nothing else…

This brief work introduces you to the most water conservative food production technology ever documented. – up to 50,000 times more Calories per litre than maize (corn) grown in the US Midwest.

From 1985 to 2015, this method was referred to as the Integrated Aqua-Vegeculture System (iAVs) but more recently it has become known as Sandgardening – or Sandponics.

In addition to water use efficiency, iAVs requires the application of NO chemical fertilizers (or herbicides and pesticides) to produce a nutritionally balanced diet at high density, iAVs was originally proven and published at NCSU in the 1980’s and then by USDA in the early 90’s.  

More recently, iAVs has been proven highly effective by adopters in Egypt, India, Jordan, and South Africa among many other nations at a lesser scale (so far).   iAVs is fully organic, reliable, resilient, sustainable, energy efficient, intensive, exceptionally productive – a symbiotic intentional ecosystem – and fully compatible with virtually every horticultural crop and fruiting arboriculture species known. 

The iAVs sandgardening technology represents the potential to globally transform food security and nutrition in an environmentally responsible manner at individual, community and regional scales.  The following document will describe how and why this technology was developed and what it can do for you, your community, your nation and humanity.  

Please consider how you can help facilitate the adoption and expansive development of responsible, secure agriculture to address the needs of an increasing food-insecure planet.