The iAVs Sandgardening Demonstration Centre

The iAVs Sandgardening Demonstration Centre

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How to Build and Operate an iAVs Sandgarden

This is a systematic way to learn how to build and operate iAVs sandgardens. Start with “Sand” – and work your way through the sections. You are advised to read “Keep it Real!”…and the “Conclusion” – at least once.

The Courseware will expand over time to become a compendium for all things iAVs. As new information becomes available it will be inserted into these nine sections.


Sand is not just the most effective growing media ever devised, it’s central to our existence. No sand – no civilization! This section addresses the media upon which the world is based.


Water is LIFE! This section is where we learn how to collect, test, adjust, apply and conserve this precious resource.


The size of your iAVs will be driven by your need/want and its size will impact its location. This section proposes several designs and considers your layout options.


How you build an iAVs will be determined by where you live and what resources are available to you. This section considers a range of construction options of varying degrees of cost-effectiveness and complexity.


Its unique ‘architecture’ is what separates iAVs from any other body of sand…and from other growing methods. In this section, we learn how to set the sand bed up for organic food production. Once the set-up is complete, it’s time to add the visible organisms of an iAVs – the fish and the plants.


As daunting as it may seem at first glance, growing fish the iAVs way is easy. While iAVs is principally about organic horticulture, its integration of fish leverages the efficiency of a sandgarden enormously. This section deals with what’s required to raise in a clean, healthy environment.


For each kilogram of fish feed, iAVs gives us 0.75 kg of fish and at least 6.75 kg of vegetables…so plants are the main game in a sandgarden. This section considers the plant species that can be grown, plant spacing and other horticultural matters.


Now that we’re ready to go, it’s time to realize iAVs’ potential. In this section, we look at the day-to-day process that enables the iAVs bio-machine to produce clean – fresh – organic food in abundance.


While Sandgardening has a proven heritage, we have not established a production ceiling for the method…so there’s considerable scope to enhance the performance of your Sandgarden by ‘tweaking’ the production parameters.

The iAVs Sandgardening Community

Frequently Asked Questions.

Wherever you are. Only you are able to determine where sand is available in your locale. You must search locally for sand that best represents efficacy and cost-effectiveness. We can tell you what to look for – but only you can find it.

No. The whole point of iAVs is to foster self-reliance – so we make everything easy enough for you to do it yourself.

Based on the available evidence, it would appear so.

Building and operating an iAVs sandgarden will resolve any concerns that you might have about your ability to provide secure supplies of clean, nutritious food. As good as it is, our bio-machine is – at this stage – simply a tool. Since the performance difference between one iAVs and another comes down to the operator, our future efforts will be directed at fitting out and fine-tuning our iAVs bio-machine for peak performance.