New IAVs – Day One – Reset!

Welcome to New iAVs. The current appearance of the website belies the tumultuous change of the past week but to summarise…

A week ago, we decided that we needed a radical shift in the way that iAVs was being offered and acted upon.

In that week, we petitioned a band of supporters to accompany us on the New iAVs journey…and we set off from our Facebook place…not really certain of what was around the corner…or even our final destination…but holding onto a desire for something different.

The realisation of New iAVs is now upon us…and we’ve reset the counter for this leg of the journey.

The pace of change…fuelled by fresh ideas and dopamine-induced energy means that this next part of the journey will be another sprint…so bear with me while I share my thinking during the coming days.

The emerging vision…

New iAVs is a learning and demonstration centre…where we introduce people to the ‘art and mystery’ of iAVs. It’s a trade training centre. It’s a method that rewards mastery so our structure will reflect that concept.

The concept of mastery has three players:

  • The apprentice…whose role is to learn the trade/craft.
  • The journeyman/craftsman…whose role is to practice the trade or craft…according to prescribed standards.
  • The master…whose role is to teach the craft/trade…and to uphold the standards.

That structure equates to Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels…and, subject to demand, we’ll develop training specific to each level.

While trainees undertake courses at each level, they can choose whether to participate in the competency assessment process – or not. They can elect to undertake the training – purely for their own knowledge and enjoyment…without any requirement to undertake any testing or competency assessments. And they can enjoy all of the other benefits associated with membership at any particular level.

Those who aspire to the Master Gardener level…who want to sell iAVs installations or management consultancy…will need to have demonstrated (by word and deed) that they are competent to build and operate before they get iAVs accreditation.

Three Competency Levels and two streams…one for those who just want to garden…and the other for those that have bigger plans that will require them to qualify at each level…in return for our endorsement of their knowledge, skills and abilities.

A key part of the membership offer is a hang-out space where students can access skill demonstrations…and comparisons and trials…relative to their competency level.

That’s the grand vision for iAVs. Right now, we’re just standing inside the front gate…waiting for the builder to arrive…so that he can let us onto the building site.

Feel free to comment on the Facebook site…pending the arrival of the sign-up button.

Forging a strong community is a big part of what we want to do. We want/need engagement without which we have no way of knowing if we’re heading in a useful direction.


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