New iAVs – Day 5 – Join Up!

NEW IAVs – Day 5 – Join Up!

It’s about Day 5 in the current sprint to a functional website and I’m delighted to announce that you are now able to join us as a Bronze member….at no cost! 

Currently, there is little to see and you may not get some of the confirmation emails that you might normally expect, but you can be sure that if you hit the JOIN button it will take you through the membership process and enable us to tailor content to your needs while also keeping you abreast of what’s happening in iAVs. 

Even if you registered previously for the e-book download, it’s useful to do it again using the current process.

That will ensure that you get the information you need in a timely fashion. I’ll avoid trying to predict exactly when we’ll have the Silver USD$5.00 Membership. But it’s close…very close! 

Your patience is about to be rewarded. Stay tuned!


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