NEW iAVs – Day 2 – The Sprint

About a week ago, we broke out of our mental prison…and bolted for the woods. In the ensuing days, some of you who shared an interest in our work, followed us on the promise of something better.

Yesterday, we put forward our vision for New iAVs. I said this leg of the iAVs journey would be a sprint rather than a walk.

We’re communicating through the iAVs Blog…making daily posts on our progress with building a new digital home.

Our pioneers…several hundred of you…are camped quietly waiting for the learning journey to commence.

Where to next?

Today, I’d like to outline the likely sequence and timing of events:

Our first task is to work out who we’re talking to – about what – so we still need to set up a staging point for those who are contemplating taking the learning journey with us. There we learn about what iAVs Sandgardening is, how it works and the benefits that it affords.

I’m hopeful that we will be fully functional in that department by tomorrow.

Next, will be our first paid membership level. I’m aiming for that to open by the end of the week.

That’s our basic US$5.00/month offer…and it will include an Introductory/Apprentice level online course called “How to Build and Operate an iAVs Sandgarden” that we’ll roll out on a week-by-week basis.

Membership at this level revolves around our new learning and demonstration centre which is emerging as an exciting way to add value to your experience of iAVs. It will be the visible face of the iAVs Sandgardening. It will be where we’ll build sandgardens and set them up so that we can undertake objective comparisons and trials…and showcase the efforts of our members.

In the meantime, I have already begun to assemble the learning aids that I need for the upcoming course.

If things continue at their current pace, we anticipate our first crop of iAVs graduates by the end of 2022.

At that point, we’ll open the second of our three levels…Intermediate/Crafsperson…where we’ll cater to those who want more. More opportunities…more options…more detail…more control…more food! We expect to graduate our first Intermediate/Craftspeople about eight weeks after that…at the end of February.

Subject to demand, we will then set up a third level…Advanced/Master…where we’ll provide training and support to those who have professional aspirations…as commercial farmers, trainers or system builders. Our first Master iAVs Gardeners should graduate around mid-2023.

This program assumes sufficient demand – and support – to justify the effort.

Questions? Concerns? Leave a comment below.


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