I decided at the outset that I would self-publish this book online because it enables me to extend the value of your purchase by including a wider range of multimedia options…essentially more pictures, diagrams and presentations…so that we can provide you with the most comprehensive learning experience – in the most cost-effective manner!

Having the book online also ensures that what you’re reading is always the latest version – and our best work to date…and the subject of an ongoing process of continuous improvement.

Just so you know…

Sandgardeners come from many different parts of the world so the availability of components and materials…and the circumstances of the builders…is going to vary considerably.

So, rather than get into flatpack kits, materials lists and construction drawings, The Sandgardening Manual will focus on teaching the principles…and providing ideas and options.  

To that end, we’ll build several sandgardens…in a variety of sizes and configurations…so that you can adapt your future designs to suit your specific circumstances.  Then, we’ll start up our sandgardens and show you how to operate and optimise them.

A sandgarden is almost infinitely scalable…from a simple bucket unit to a 10,000 square metre-controlled environment cropping greenhouse – and beyond.

Our focus, however, will be on the small-to-medium end of things…from a single plant to a small commercial farm.

My Motivation for Writing this Manual

This book is my answer to the question…”What is the IDEAL gardening method?”

I resolved that any gardening method that could be remotely thought of as ideal, must be:

  • Able to accommodate novice gardeners and experienced growers alike.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy to build.
  • Simple to maintain.
  • Water-miserly.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Versatile – to be able to grow a wide variety of food crops and other plants.
  • Scalable…from a single plant to a million square metre greenhouse complex.
  • Organic…and free of chemical fertilisers and synthetic herbicides and pesticides.
  • Productive, resilient and sustainable. 
  • Almost Foolproof!

I looked at dozens of gardening and farming systems…large and small…and the only method that appeared to fit the ‘ideal’ mould was Sandgardening.

Long story short,

It’s a fresh approach to an old idea.  It has a sound heritage – and a fine pedigree – as we’ll quickly discover.  A sandgarden is the shortest possible route to clean fresh organic food for you and your family.  It will work for you regardless of your gardening knowledge or skills.

It’s the simplest garden to build and the easiest to operate… and it’s also the most cost-effective way to produce your own food.

It promises more food for less water and energy than any other gardening method of a similar footprint.

And it’s scalable from a bucket to a commercial greenhouse complex.

Sandgardening is a systematic approach to plant production – it’s a tested method if followed conscientiously, will change your nutrition in a very positive way – and quite possibly your life, too.

The book aspires to answer every question you ever wanted to ask about how to build, operate and optimise a Sandgarden.