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What do you know about the food that your family eats?  

Do you wonder what’s in it…or where it comes…or how secure the supply chain is?

This 6-minute video should leave you in no doubt that commonly held beliefs around food quality, security and sovereignty are nothing more than an illusion.

And, as the whole COVID thing has taught us, things can get worse very quickly.

But this video shows us a solution that enables us to source our food without harming the planet…


The future of food...YOURS!

CLEAN herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers

FRESH Food...picked at your your doorstep.

MORE food for LESS water

MORE food for LESS energy

MORE Food for the SAME footprint

SUSTAINABLE...powered by the sun - no waste streams.

Infinitely scalable...

...from a home garden... a huge controlled environment cropping greenhouse.

….and iAVs Sandgardening is that solution.  And this is its premise…and our promise to You!