iAVs Introductory 4 Week Course

Welcome to our Introductory 4-week course on…

How to Build and Operate an iAVs Sandgarden

Commencement Date: Friday 5th November 2022

Course Methodology

  • Each week, the units (for that week) will be converted to links that will lead you to the courseware for each unit.
  • The courseware will comprise videos, demonstrations, presentations and articles to work your way through at your leisure.
  • Post your questions, comments or concerns – in the comments section below the subject article – and we’ll answer them there. Those questions – and the answers – will be used to adapt the course for future use.

Keep talking to us throughout the course. We’re committed to your satisfaction – particularly since you placed your trust in us at this critical point in iAVs’ renaissance. Think of your investment in this course as a gift that will keep on giving.

You can anticipate frequent updates leading up to the Commencement Date – so stay in touch.

Here’s a little light reading while you’re waiting for us to get started. It’s also an opportunity to ensure that we are at the same level of understanding about how iAVs came into being – and that it is not so much an idea but rather a scientific fact.

Foreword to the Introductory Course – Dr Mark R McMurtry

The Scientific Method – this article, written by Mark McMurtry several years ago, establishes the scientific basis for iAVs and points to the relative lack of real scientific research around what is commonly described as aquaponics.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 2 Course Study Group

Course Notes – Week 2

iAVs Layout Options

Square Metre, Starter or Carpark?

Building an iAVs Sandgarden

Week 3

Course Study Group

Course Notes – Week 3

Week 4



  1. Hi Dereck, I will be fixing all the links in the next few days, I will be removing the user dashboard and making the course contents easier to find and navigate. Thanks for your support.

    I have also granted you access to our new E-Book ‘An Introduction to iAVs’. Suitable sand is covered in chapter 8, please let me know if it covers what you need to know……I’ll add a contents page this week.

    You can view that from this link https://iavs.info/an-introduction-to-iavs/, and it should also appear in the user menu on the top right of the website.

    How is everything going? Do you have any questions?

    1. Hi BarryT! I’m doing well, thanks. Life got ahead of me, but I plan to start my own system next year and really focus on going through the lessons properly. I’ll also check out the book you mentioned and definitely have some questions.

      One of my biggest concerns right now is about the design of the drain system for the inground beds with HDPE liners. Do you run a pipe at the very bottom, going down vertically at the end, and then weld the liner around the PVC pipe drain? I want to make sure I do this correctly to avoid any potential leaks down the line.

      Hope everything is going well on your end!

      1. Very busy as well!

        The best solution is to create a slit drain, as seen in chapter 15.3 of ‘An Introduction to iAVs’
        You can sort of see the slit drain in this picture (it is very dark) but I think it helps to show how the general layout.