Heads Up

Just learned what it is going to cost me to keep this website ‘active’… but … it is NOT “active”. As far as I am aware there may be – perhaps – one visitor a week – if that. So why should I bother much less pay a half-months income/year to maintain the URLs, hosting, apps & plugins and maintenance? At some point a fool’s errand is JUST a poor fool’s errand. If there was a “community”, feedback, conversation … SOMETHING! … then it might be worth keeping. But there is not ANY participation, interaction, results – AT ALL. So, it is highly likely that this site will go into its grave soon considering that it is already past dead. ALL is NOW. THEN is NOT.


  1. I am a programmer
    I am currently working on an aquaponics themed website
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  2. Sad but wise decision. Maybe there is another way to exchange and transmit to us some of your precious knowledge without costing anything to you. Maybe a youtube channel or something else. I’m not good at that social media thing so if you someone knows more and has better suggestion..

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