Growing Your iAVs

Aspiring iAVs operators are often confused about how to approach their first build.

We always recommend that newcomers to the method start with something small…a fish tank of 500 to 1000 litres and a sand biofilter/grow bed of 1000 – 2000-litres…which is 3m – 6m by 1metre wide by about 400mm deep. This is your learning prototype.

As you get your head around working with iAVs, you can expand the number of such units to four. This allows you to do side-by-side comparisons of fish species, plant cultivars, and operating parameters…a very useful thing indeed.

If you continue to extend your system, this way, you will end up with 16 such units…and your own research facility…and you will quickly establish yourself as the iAVs expert in your area.  At that point, you will be harvesting fish on a weekly basis. Not only will you be drawing income on a weekly basis but you will also be able to expand your operation to become an iAVs demonstration centre…where you can even entertain fee-paying students.

Before we reach that point, however, we need to know what your iAVs goals look like. Are you just looking to grow food for your family? Or do you want to sell food into your local market? Or do you want to do that…and run a training business, too?

Regardless of your aspirations, I recommend the modular approach because it allows you to grow commensurate with your knowledge and skills. It also allows you to build your operation over time using the production income from each unit to fund those that follow. This self-funding idea applies from your very first iAVs…since you’ll both be taking home clean fresh food to your families…food that you’d have to otherwise lay out money for.


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