Good Growth

In iAVs, plants thrive due to the unique design and methodology of iAVs, which provide optimal conditions for plant growth.

Here are some compelling images that demonstrate the superior growth rates of plants in iAVs and I hope this will enlighten those who may not yet fully grasp the profound advantages of this system.

Day 1

This photo shows tomato plants in a newly established iAVs biofilter, a ‘virgin’ sand bed with no prior formation of a schmutzdecke , soil ecosystem, or rhizosphere. Despite facing sub-optimal conditions such as:

  • The winter season, characterized by low light levels and shorter days
  • An aging double-poly cover that allows approximately 70% photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) transmission

This setting provides a unique opportunity to observe and understand the initial growth stages of tomatoes in an iAVs under less than ideal circumstances.

Day 1 (first irrigation of biofilter with fish ‘wastes’ immediately following transplant) Note, no sloughing of ridge slopes into furrows even without a schmutzdecke.

Day 7

Day 7. Schmutzdecke forming. Alga colonization (no shade), provides nutrient sink.

Day 14

Day 14 ( Shmutzdecke and alga populations well established )

Day 28

Day 28 (hard to see here but alga populations have crashed due to shading, nutrients released)

NOTE, dense foliage on single stem (light being intercepted by leaf, not reaching ground level). 

Fruit on the first and second ‘trusses’ (inflorescence) has been set & expanding, flowering continues increasing in number per truss.

Click here to see more photographs.

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Good Growth