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    27 May 2024 at 7:52 am

    The first paper I will be reviewing is titled “Water Quality Maintenance and Mineral Assimilation by Plants Influence Growth of Hybrid Tilapia in Culture with Vegetable Crops“.

    The paper states that the fish were fed a diet with a minimum of 32% crude protein, which was not fortified with vitamins or trace elements. Despite this, the fish grew well and no nutrient deficiencies in the plants were reported, demonstrating the fish feed alone supplied adequate nutrition.

    The fish waste contains sufficient minerals for the plants. As the fish consume the feed, they excrete waste that is rich in plant-available nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other minerals. The sand growing medium captures and mineralizes these nutrients, making them available to the plants.

    The study maintained excellent plant yields and fish growth over an extended period without any supplemental nutrients.

    In conclusion, the paper “Water Quality Maintenance and Mineral Assimilation by Plants Influence Growth of Hybrid Tilapia in Culture with Vegetable Crops” provides strong scientific evidence that properly designed iAVs do not require any supplementary nutrient addition. The fish feed and resulting waste is sufficient to grow healthy plants.

    The claim that iAVs requires additional fertilization is not supported by scientific evidence.

    The data from rigorous studies clearly demonstrates that iAVs is a self-sufficient system that does not need supplementary nutrients. Anecdotal reports suggesting extra fertilization is necessary are based on individual observations or beliefs, not on controlled experiments or verified facts.

    In contrast, iAVs has been thoroughly researched using the scientific method. Peer-reviewed papers have consistently shown that fish feed and waste alone provide complete nutrition for healthy plant growth in properly managed iAVs.

    As the only aquaponics approach backed by replicated trials and scientific validation, iAVs is the most reliable model for integrating fish and vegetable production. Its proven ability to operate sustainably without external inputs sets it apart from other aquaponic techniques and unsubstantiated claims.

    Conclusions about iAVs should be based on empirical data, not hearsay or personal anecdotes lacking scientific rigor.

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