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  • What stocking density is used for iAVs?

    Posted by Admin on 29 April 2024 at 9:05 am

    Start with 80 to 100 x 15 g fish per 1000 liters. Grow them to 250 to 300 g, then start to harvest larger fish.

    It is important to note that daily fish feed rates are far more important than stocking density.


    Stocking density is usually expressed in terms of so many kilograms of fish biomass per cubic metre of water….Xkg/m3. Given that stocking density is, at best, a snapshot in time (and will change on a daily basis) it is meaningless as a productivity measure.

    That said, fish yields ranged from 50 to 70 kg per cubic meter of water per year (0.41 to 0.57 lb/gal/yr) dependent upon the fish tank volume to sand bio-filter volume ratio. Each 1.0kg of fish weight gain provided sufficient quantities of all required plant nutrients to sustain 2 tomato plants yielding 5-7 kg of fruit per plant over 3 months.

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What stocking density is used for iAVs?