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  • Does iAVS use flood & drain with a bell syphon?

    Posted by Admin on 29 April 2024 at 9:00 am


    Dr. Mark McMurtry trained Tom Speraneo on how to properly build an iAVs system but when he left, Tom did not have the money to buy sand so he literally dug up the gravel on his driveway and invented the flood & drain method.

    Additionally, without using flood & drain – it looks better (neater), save money, save time, no gurgling noises, fewer points of failure means less chances of failure, and it is better for the environment to use less plastic/PVC.

    • Flooding can deprive the rhizosphere and microbes of oxygen.

    “The point of the intermittent flood and drain cycle is to benefit the soil microbes – which is the engine of the ‘system’ and the feed (includes ‘wastes’) is the fuel.” – Dr. Mark McMurtry.

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Does iAVS use flood & drain with a bell syphon?