The iAVs paper published by The Journal of the World Aquaculture Society (JWAS) in December 1997 is finally available. The claimed article that has been ‘available’ on ResearchGate has the correct title, but the wrong date of publication, the wrong text yet mysteriously the correct number of citations et al.  The correct article has now been posted there but they still managed to screw-up the title and list no citations et al. at all.  They also do not respond to being contacted about such issues.

So, for those interested, it is attached below .  Note that the economic valuations therein are in 1994 US dollars (date of the accepted submission) and there has officially been 106% inflation since (e.g. $1.oo in 1994 is $2.06 in 2024).  Also of note (to me) that if someone were to request a PDF copy from Wiley International (the Journal publisher), you would be charged US$42.  And it took JWAS 10.5 years to generate this PDF for sale.   Additionally, Research Gate alleges that this article is among the top 100 articles requested and read in the JWAS over the month of January 2024.  I seriously question the veracity of this claim.

And for yet another bit of ‘trivia’, the eventually published article required no less than 6 submissions under three different subject/titles.  The final submission then required 4 editing rounds in order to satisfy each reviewer, which by itself took yet another year.  In all, 8 years from data to publication.  No one ever said publishing about plants in the most prestigious aquaculture journal was going to be easy.  Or for fish in horticulture BTW.

J World Aquaculture Soc – 1997 – Efficiency of Water Use of an Integrated Fish Vegetable Co-Culture System



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  1. ResearchGate ‘Support’ claims that they have zero ability to correct or update Citations – or apparently anything else.
    Although just in the past day, they show +1 Citations, +6 Reads, and an Interest Score of 0.5 – all had been 0 yesterday

    SO .. since they have a comment tab on each article, I decided to post mine

    Comment 1
    As of Feb 1, 2024, Google Scholar reports 142 citations in peer-review Journals of the relevant disciplines.
    To date, Research Gate is either incapable or unwilling to correct their ‘Stats’, to include “Reads” in excess of 1000, and “Interest Score” at over 200.
    The competence and reliability of the reporting on this resource/site is, at best, dubious.

    Comment 2
    Additionally, for the past 10 plus years, ResearchGate has listed this article as first published in 2007 where if fact that occurred in 1997 following eight years of “review” by ‘threatened’, uptight closed ‘minds’.
    ALSO the previously attached full text (but not the abstract or citation) was to an entirely different albeit related article.
    The findings reported in this article was conducted by the iAVs Research Group at North Carolina State University between 1988 and 1989.


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