An Introduction to iAVs – 3rd Edition is now available

As promised to our members, the book will be regularly updated and improved based upon feedback we receive. Thank you to our many supporters, this helps to cover our costs and to keep developing new materials. If you have any questions, please head to our FAQ page and you can ask us anything.

The first edition was released with 55 pages. The second edition was released with 71 pages. The third edition has now been expanded to 100 pages with the following additions;

Understanding Yields
Introduction & Acknowledgements
How Does iAVs Work
Benefits of iAVs
Principles of iAVs
Scientific Method
Applications of Scientific Method
Site Selection – Aesthetics
Site Selection – Lo Tech Version
Site Selection – Rooftop
Light – Natural Sunlight
Light – AMAP & Photosynthesis
Light – Artificial Lighting
Light – Management (Part A)
Water – Intro
Water – pH?
Water – Transpiration and Biomass Incorporation
Sand: Why Sand
Sand – Understanding Particle Migration
Sand: Oxygen Availability
Sand – Water Retention
pH – Soil Microbiology & Nitrification
pH – Effects on Plants (Expanded)
pH – Buffering (Expanded)
pH – Temperature
pH – Ammonia to Ammonium Conversion
pH – Efficiency of Absorbing Nitrate & Ammonium
Biofilter – Enhancing Drainage in Larger Biofilters
Biofilter – Importance of Drainage



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An Introduction to iAVs – 3rd Edition is now available