How It All Started

iAVs Sandgardening had its genesis in the mid-1980s when a product design student at North Carolina State University demonstrated the ‘closed loop’ production of fruit and vegetables using nothing more than the metabolic wastes of freshwater fish.
His peer-reviewed research resulted in the Integrated Aqua-Vegeculture System (iAVs) and enabled its inventor Dr Mark R McMurtry to realise a personal goal – to devise a means by which impoverished villagers could derive their nutrition without harming their environment.

iAVs – more food for less water

Our Vision

We remain committed to the original premise behind iAVs…to provide impoverished people with the means to grow their own nutritious food without damage to the planet.

Climate change, the pandemic and ongoing conflict, however, are creating food quality and security issues for everyone! Everywhere!

With that in mind, we offer the method to anyone who would like to grow their own clean fresh organic fruit and vegetables – regardless of scale.

Meet The Team From iAVs

Mark R McMurtry PhD

An avid scientist and CEA horticulturist – the inventor of iAVs – arguably the most productive, resilient and sustainable food production method ever devised.

Gary Donaldson

An urban farmer of 40 year’s experience. He manages this website, washes the dishes and carries the bags.