5000sq/meter iAVS

Welcome to our 2020 proof-of-concept demonstration!

This innovative setup has yielded over 25 tons of fish and 67 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Constructed from concrete blocks, the ponds and sand beds are covered with granite and floor tiles, holding a total water volume of 300 cubic meters.

Our journey began with IBC tanks in 2016, evolving into this advanced system.

All pipes are discreetly hidden under the tiles, with a sump collecting water at a lower level than the fish ponds, which is then pumped back. The sand beds are 40 cm deep.

Located in a desert climate with hot summers and mild winters, our main electrical costs are for the exhaust fan with cooling pads, the air blower, and the water pump.

Despite being a garden setup and not for profit, we’ve designed it to be aesthetically pleasing.

The beds feature a 1mm HDPE liner, and our banana plants are three years old.

We operate nine separate systems, each with independent ponds and beds. Our water usage is minimal at 3% per day on a yearly average, with no water changes needed.

A 5.5 kW blower aerates the nine ponds with diffusers.

We grow a diverse range of crops, including leafy greens, fruiting and rooting vegetables, corn, wheat, papaya, figs, bananas, strawberries, mangos, almonds, guava, melon, and watermelon, along with various flowers and herbs.

This video was taken last June, so most of the leafy greens have already been harvested.

Enjoy the tour!


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