Why iAVs?

There are many reasons for choosing iAVs as a food production strategy.   Broadly speaking, iAVs is simpler to build and easier to use.  It also requires few resources and has less of an impact on the environment.

  • More food with FAR LESS water use.
  • More food from LESS land area (and without soil).
  • More food in less time (faster growth rates from both crops).
  • More profitable with higher quality and greater yield rates.
  • Less energy use (electric only, or even just manual labor).
  • Less mechanical equipment (or even none in LDC context).
  • Less technological equipment (or potentially none at all).
  • Less food miles (local food production is both fresher and cheaper).
  • NO pollution of the environment (water, land or atmosphere).
  • NO soil erosion, degradation or run-off pollution.
  • NO chemical fertilizer use.  100% Organic nutrients.
  • NO use of herbicides and NO pesticides.


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