We’d really appreciate YOUR help

What we’re trying to do

Secure financial support to:

  • Have iAVs sustain a village in need of nutrition.
  • Build a iAVs demonstration and training centre.
  • Encourage the development of iAVs systems worldwide.
  • Facilitate further research of all aspects to enhance iAVs.


Why we need help?

By any measure, iAVs is an amazing food production system…and it’s all the more remarkable for the fact that it is over 30 years old.

But there’s a problem.  While it first appeared in the mid-1980’s…and pre-dates all that came to be known as ‘aquaponics’…iAVs has virtually no profile.

There are a variety of reasons for this and we canvass them in the article “iAVs – Aquaponics’ Best Kept Secret” and in “Aquaponics’ Biggest Mistake.”  Fate, timing, illness, political intrigue and bureacratic malfeasance all played a part in the events that saw iAVs slide into obscurity in the mid 1990’s.

In a bizarre twist of fate, a mutation of the iAVs (the basic flood and drain system popularised by Tom and Paula Speraneo) rose to prominence.  At the same time, Dr James Rakocy and his team from the University of Virgin Islands had developed the raft system.

By the time the aquaponics Renaissance began in 2006, the Speraneo ‘model’ had emerged as the system of choice for backyard enthusiasts and the UVI raft system was being adopted by those who aspired to commercial aquaponics.  Meanwhile, the iAVs languished in a couple of old filing cabinets on a mountain top in Montana.

In 2014, Mark McMurtry and Gary Donaldson began to collaborate in a quest to see iAVs assume its rightful place in the food production realm.

Our first task was to assemble a body of knowledge about iAVs to educate visitors about what it is, how it works and what it can be expected to do for those who choose to use it. This web site – an ongoing work-in-progress – is the outcome of that work.

Now, the task of reviving the fortunes of iAVs is to begin in earnest.

The really important work has already been done.  What is arguably the most productive, resilient and sustainable food production system in the world has been conceived, developed, scientifically investigated and fully documented.

All we need to do, now, is to bring it to the attention of the people who need it.

And we need your help.


How you could help us?

If you’re a backyard food producer, and you’d like to create your own iAVs……use the information that we’ve provided and buld your own iAVs – and send us your story and photos so that we can showcase your efforts.  Any data you can provide would be great, too.

If you’re an NGO and you really want to enhance the health, security and survival of your constituents….fund an iAVs program in a district of your choosing.

If you’re a manufacturer or supplier of greenhouses, sand, aquaculture and/or control systems, renewable energy systems…..donate your products and provide technical support.

If you’re a decision-maker in an existing research facility…provide us with access to space, test equipment and other research-related resources.  Direct prospective post-graduate candidates to us for horticultural, ecological, microbiological, aquaculture, agriculture econonics (and other) research and investigation opportunities.

If you’re a community leader, organizer, politician or influential official in a water-stressed nation or region…talk to us about how iAVs can positively impact your environment, nutrition and food security.

If you’re a gifted communicator, a journalist, TV producer, marketing guru…help bring our message to a wider audience.

If you’re Elon Musk, Bill or Melinda Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or other philanthropic mover and shaker doing great work for humanity…have your executive assistant call us so that we can discuss how to influence the world in very tangible way.