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This web site is the original home of iAVs…the integrated Aqua-Vegeculture System.  

Regrettably, iAVs’ effectiveness as a method was not matched by the effectiveness of its promotion. 

That was the result of two things…that it was free…and the belief that, if we stuck to facts and evidence, people would understand what it was…how it worked…and what benefits would accrue to those who took advantage of what they learned.  

With hindsight, both were incorrect assumptions.  Most people do not appreciate what they get for free – and facts/evidence take a back seat to what people believe…and (subsequently) what motivates their behaviour.  

Another factor that cannot be ignored is the fact that aquaponics has a decade-long headstart – online – on iAVs. 

Regardless of the reasons, iAVs does not enjoy the take-up rate of better known (but far less effective) integrated aquaculture methods.  

But that’s about to change.

Sandponics is the new face of iAVs…

For most of its lifetime, aquaponics has been defined as the integration of recirculating aquaculture and hydroponics.  

Regardless of how it started out, the ability to grow fish has always been the key attraction for most people.  This is evidenced by the professional origins of some of its key influencers – and the lopsided focus on the aquatic nitrogen cycle to explain its workings.  

Where its inventor always claimed that, since iAVs pre-dated aquaponics (and he considered the concept of what had become ‘flood and drain aquaponics’ as fundamentally flawed), iAVs was not aquaponics.  Unlike aquaponics, iAVs always saw the fish as the means to the end of plant production.  

Sandponics takes a different view.  Sandponics (which has its roots in iAVs) is the original aquaponics and, at the same time, it is the future of aquaponics.

…and Sandponics is the Future of Aquaponics.

Sandponics’ subtitle “The Future of Aquaponics” is a statement of Sandponics’ intention to reclaim its heritage.

It also emphasises the key difference between Sandponics and all of the other aquaponics variants…the use of sand.

In the coming days, you can expect a new aquaponics vision to unfold.

To assist us to make a clear distinction, iAVs will be taking a sabbatical while we explain what Sandponics is…how it works…and why it is so much more effective than the old approach to aquaponics.

We’ll be off-the-air for a few days…then we’ll return with a very different format.  We’ll still be a work-in-progress but you’ll notice the difference…I promise!