iAVs – The Basics

  • Fish are raised in a canal, tank or pit.  Aeration is generally provided.
  • Fish are fed a balanced diet and produce ‘waste’ products as they grow.
  • Water and ‘wastes’ are lifted onto a sand biofilter surface at intervals.
  • Water drains through the sand & returns to the fish tank clean by gravity.
  • As the water drains, Oxygen is drawn into the filter for microbes and plant roots.
  • ‘Wastes’ remain in the biofilter furrows & are processed by soil microbes.
  • Plants take-up all required nutrients and grow very rapidly with high yields.
  • Irrigation cycle (1/4 tank vol.) is repeated every two hours during daylight.
  • Crops are harvested as appropriate. Most plant species thrive.
  • Production is optimised with cost-effective environmental control.

iAVS has been repeatedly proven and “open-source” (FREE) since 1985.