Caution hyperbole

Excerpt from a recent Guy McPherson post: “In contrast to my critics, I do not benefit from my work in any way.  It has cost me thousands of dollars for every dollar I’ve received in return.  It has cost me the ability to do what I love. It has cost me capacity to earn a living [tenure].  It has cost me everybody I loved from my former life. [plus both career and health].  I am motivated by evidence, as I wrote [thirty-] two years ago. In presenting the results, in simple language, I make the evidence accessible to the public. For this, I am insulted. My work is disparaged. I [have been] attacked incessantly.” 

oh so very familiar … except to the “every dollar received” part.


  • “That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed with evidence.” ~ Christopher Hitchens
  •  “Unsupported assertion is unworthy of rational consideration.” Aron Ra
  •  “Positive claims require positive evidence.”. Aron Ra, paraphrasing Carl Sagan. [and statistical rigor in establishing confidence intervals, probabilities, significance, … aka merit, validity.]
  • “It is dishonest to assert as fact that which is evidently not true.” Aron Ra–  [ – that which has not been demonstrated from, supported by evidence.]
  • “If one can, does, and will not provide evidence to demonstrate or support that you are ‘correct’, then you literally do not know what you are talking about.” ~Aron Ra
  • •Opinion (justifiable or not)  is entirely contextual  – individually, and situationally specific..   Fact, and thereby relevance and utility, is not thus constrained.”
  • A fool is one who too readily accepts improbable claims from unreliable sources on insufficient evidence” ~ Aron Ra


Random Muses 

iAVS is proud to dismiss, for your entertainment tonight:  “Voodooponics.”   [ typically spelled ‘aquaponics’ ]    also Wooponics,

  • An “alternative facts” based (baseless. meritless) cyber-cloud of ‘intellectual’ midges continuously engaged in competitive fantasy projection and speculative conjecture and which always has and will trump all evidence, fact, logic and/or reason.
  • Where emotive content (id and ego) supersedes /supplants material evidence at the speed of light (electrons),
  • Where cherished prejudicial delusions triumphs over rationality and reason.
  • Competitive Team (cult) Incoherence   // War of the Fantasy Memes  //  Tennis without the net.  /  Paraplegic Football.
  • Amazing adventures in cyber-psychosis featuring mass psychotic-breaks from causal reality
  •  Evidentiary Anaphylaxis with Numeracy Denial features.

Clozaril_logo Effective in treating symptoms of severe schizophrenia and delusional disordered psychosis in people who have not responded favorably to prior medications … confinement and/or restraints.

TO become involved in /infected by the AP-virus is to dive blind-folded off the deep end of surreality headlong in the cesspit of LaLaLand in the mighty Kingdom of Legendary Woo.


“Aquaponics” is NOT …

I can’t decide whether (so-called) ‘aquaponics’, as it ‘exists’ today, is willful mass delusion, an infectious cognitive pathology, pandemic of fantasy projection, voluntary mass hallucination, deliberate denial/ignorance of reality, deviant religious cult(s), a spectacular/unique chrysalis of co.coon-ing cyber woo woo ju ju,  …  or ‘just plain’ light-speed stupid.

I feel that iAVs has been ‘dragged-down’ into a AP cesspit of derisive unadulterated egocentric mind-games being played by publicly masturbating intellectual midgets in diapers.

I feel that iAVs has been/is being held-back (restrained, hampered, conflated, minimized, undeveloped, mis-understood, etc) due to an unfounded (presumptive) association with so-called ‘aquaponics’ (of various allegedly alternative memes) and ‘treated’ as if just another flavor of magic BS (aka unmitigated woo woo)

“Aquaponics” is NOT considered to be science or even a sub-discipline of either aquaculture or horticulture (even after 30+ years) … by actual scientists (or topically educated laymen).  (reason: ZERO available/tangible evidence (since iAVs) nor ANY interest in accessing/generating same, … merely circular firing squads shooting-off wholly unsupported, vague and and conflicting (-ed) obtuse claims, hyperbolic opinionated whinging, wild speculation, and overt conjecture masquerading as (instead of) accessible substantive information.

“Aquaponics” is NOT considered as a viable enterprise model (potentially profitable business venture) … by actual growers, farmers, retailers, businessmen, governments, organizations, or banks/venture capitalists.  (reasons … ZERO evidence, see above)

‘Aquaponics’ is infested with what I might term to be the Peter Pan/Tinker-belle syndrome – wherein when one “wishes upon a star” hard enough (& recall that you are always the “star” of your mental movie) and often enough that all your dreams (fantasy life, including id, ego and superego) will come true.  (NOT)

Any ‘responsible actor’ – minimally astute/aware primate – (e.g scientist, businessman) coming across ‘aquaponics’ online will immediately see (be witness to) a broad scope/swath of psychological and sociological pathology.  It is all too obvious to anyone from the outside with any formal training in biology and or commerce at all that the AP-verse is FULL of (infested with) quacks, charlatans, cons, frauds, egomaniacs, crystal strokers, dick-wavers, turd-flavored nut-bar fruitcakes and residents of LaLaLand in the Kingdom of Ultimate WooWoo.

AP-ists are NOT ‘serious’, …   compelling, responsible, competent, astute, informed, barely self-aware,  Document your claims … or drop dead,  Show your work… detail you efforts, record your results (in and out).  Disclose your (the) EVIDENCE … or STFU

Most of the time whenever encountering so-called AP-ists online (Youtube, forums, Facebook) I feel I’ve fallen into the fabled Rabbit Hole (of Alice in Wonderland infamy) wherein I’m encountering 10’s of thousands of hapless simians who have been similarly ensnared (trapped in Never-never-land). — apparently NEVER willing nor capable of returning to ground-level reality.

AP-ists (collectively) strike me (and likely the vast majority of other topically educated primates) as a collective mass of gullible egocentric public masturbators who have crashed through the proverbial Mirror into alternative reality, having eagerly followed the Pilot Rabbit (lead lemming) in a blind head-long rush to pursue personal fame, fortune or ephemeral glory in a life of Happy Ever After – were everyone else’s shit stinks but yours does not).


The Speraneo ‘legacy’ (perversion) is much MUCH darker and deeper than merely perpetrating the deliberate mutation of iAVs into gravel-goop collecting garbage.  It also includes the injection of an ethos (paradigm) revolved around hyper-inflated self-promotion and aggrandizement based solely on a perversion of the genuine efforts/works of other people, the marketing for profit of erroneous ‘information’ as alleged established wisdom, and the categorical disregard if not total disdain for EVIDENCE (aka demonstrable facts).

Intentional perversions release with all manner of overt fraudulent frontmen are ‘afforded’ virtual cult leader status (and doctrinal ‘credibility’) (aka hero/guru/sainthood)    and their deluded dogma rabidly ‘defended’ against and void of any and all evidentiary support, rational discourse, explicit merit and minimal objectivity


Forum member, “You really should see someone about all those voices in your head.”

Response:.”You should consult a professional about the silence in yours.”


+++++++++++++++++++ CATEGORY BREAK  ++++++++++

I – nor anyone else – can never help someone who is either incapable or unwilling to help themselves.

So … I perceive a true need to extract/isolate/distinguish  – to the extent possible – iAVS from all the other derisive and conflicted cults of the church of AP woo

  • iAVS is NOT “hydroponics” (neither solute based nor soilless).   It IS “organic” horticulture (gardening with fish ‘wastes’ comprised of biomolecules).
  • IAVs is and always has been about empirical evidence, verified, vetted and publicly disclosed demonstrable fact.
  • iAVs ‘need become’ an accepted/valid discipline – both within aquaculture and the horticultural science fields.  Which it never can/will so long as it is associated with or seen as yet another cult of AP woo.
  • iAVs will benefit from every degree of separation we can establish that removes it from unsupported speculation and childish opinionated bovine excrement
  • The fabled Rabbit Hole of AP is so overcrowded the fecal load cannot be compacted any further – much less have any room to swing a dead cat much less breath.  The stench is so deep and thick that I cannot NOT vomit.
  • “Alternative facts” ‘have application’ (pertinence) ONLY  in alternative realities (i.e., ‘aquaponics’).     Actual facts, aka causal reality, is FAR simpler to sort out/manage NTM being theoretically sustainable (i.e., iAVs).


+++++++++++++++++++ CATEGORY BREAK  ++++++++++


The recent experience of analyzing and reporting the relative outcomes of various claimed AP ‘systems’ has proven to be a disturbing microcosm example (refrain, repeat) of my overall iAVs experience.

I put in the work, make the effort, come to conclusions, share findings, document and present same as clearly as I know how —- then the response is either NADDA or WTF is some obvious trivial minutia (meaningless crap that was explicitly identified at the outset) and oh- BTW, I can’t FKN read – reading words hurts my eyes/ – disrupts my neural network functionality (alleged)!

NO Thanks for the information/efforts, NO well that’s interesting, NO appreciation (or respect) for anything WHATSOEVER. I, of all people, should have ‘known better’ than to expect acknowledgement of or validation from my efforts.

OBVIOUSLY, people do/will NOT read the written word, have ZERO numeracy discernment/skill either, could give a flying fuck about any and all effort to present, evaluate, or compare any and all data claims/ or so-called ‘systems’ one to the other or even internally (wrt what they might have done or intend/believe/imagine).  TOTALY FKN POINTLESS to define, describe, evaluate, present, share, etc ANY FKN THING WHATSOEVER.

Any and everything that might potentially impinge on their cherished fantasies and/or self-selected delusions is categorically and absolutely void of potential content – irrelevant, discounted and ignored wholesale – ‘like’ it never fkn happened, apparently since the ONLY thing that could potentially matter at all is precisely the home movie currently playing on the small screen between their ears.


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