I’m ‘having my say’ before I go away, Part 1 of ?


Anti, as in antithesis, antithetical … as in against, in conflict with and in stark contrast to  … as in NOT

“Aquaponics”  (neologism*) 


  1. a virulent contemporary plebeian disorder of rational cognition in futile search for substantiation, efficacy and relevance.
  2. the amalgamated viral  pandemic of deliberate, willfully conceited mass aqueous psychoses.
  3. a neo-religion comprising manifold vacuous combative cults of infinite eternal woo (childish, derisive, egocentric, pretentious, non-substantive, irrational and mythical voodoo).
  4. (archaic) and (aberrant), the efficacious symbiotic integration of organic olericulture arising from (with) recirculatory aquaculture metabolites.
  • Etymology: the fusion (conflation) of aqua- (Latin; ‘all wet’, water) and -ponic (Greek; ‘toil, pain, work, and/or suffering’).
  • Provenance: uncertain, likely compiled by a cabal of the Ultimate Vacuous Inanity dogma merchandisers, circa mid-1990’s.
  • Derivation:  (as subsequent to) virulent viral mutation(s) of/to the originating antecedent, circa 1985, in North Carolina USA, i.e., NCSU/iAVs, as the subsequently impotent, wholly unintended authors of the contemporary infatuation with wanton delusion and insipid egomaniacal ineptitude being ubiquitously sold by insidious, ignorant profiteers to willfully gullible puerile primates as novel vainglorious  unfettered ‘wisdom’.

Advisory: Aquaponic Complex Disorder (APCD) is anticipated to be acknowledged and defined in the pending DSM-VI.   Anticipate the delineation of extensive antagonistic sub-variants presenting with primary and secondary psychoses.  Primary signs and symptoms include, but far from limited to, manifest fantasy personation, visions of/communion with TinkerGill (etherial pseudo-deity), evidentiary anaphylaxis, reality exclusion/rejection with causality and numeracy denial features. et al.  Ask your psychiatrist if Reality™ is right for you.

  • * neologism. noun. 4) Psychiatry. a new word, often consisting of a combination of other words, that is ‘understood’ only by the speaker: occurring most often in the speech of schizophrenics (dementia praecox).


PS:  Not intended as a joke or represented as remotely humorous.  iAVs is “intentional ecosystem agriculture” and “organic” (literal meaning) and therefore, definitionally is ANTI-aquaponics.   AP comprises contrived stories of wanton delusion steeped in fraudulent pretentious ego.  The precedent iAVs was scientifically established and accepted as demonstrable fact.   Public acceptance of this (or any other) reality is neither compulsory nor expected.

“One can avoid reality, but one cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” ~ Ayn Rand

PPS: I do not anticipate, ‘need’, require or solicit agreement.   I explicitly repudiate and reject all counter argument.



Whether or not I’m intelligent, I have zero confidence in anything anymore even if I once may have.  And whether or not I’m nice, I’ve decidedly had far more than enough (past tense).  In fact, I now regularly scare myself – which is unhealthy at best.


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