The purpose of this post is to identify what iAVs content is absolutely free of cost, what conditions apply to access our direct assistance, and what advice and counsel is not free.

1) FREE TO ALL who seek

Descriptions of the iAVs methodology, research findings (publications), How To’s, basic system parameters and operation, examples of the many build options, etc have ALL been made available to you (everyone) for free via this website’s content.   Anyone who chooses to apply/implement any of that information is free to do so without giving back to us (although we’d prefer that you did share).  And we also strongly suggest that one not attempt to ‘reinvent the wheel’ before actually implementing/experiencing an authentic ‘wheel’ (iAVs ‘system’) as developed, intended, proven). As always, we intend to respond to general questions seeking clarification..

2)  Without monetary cost but with a responsibility to contribute back

When I/we are solicited and convinced  to expend our time and effort(s) on your behalf (non-commercial) , then you shall be expected to give -back by disclosing your findings (data/results/experience).  ‘Success stories’ (however determined by adopter) will be made publicly available and whether or not you are identified with the project.   Whether or not said findings are to be made publicly available is not your decision, rather a requirement for accessing my/our continuing support.

For those who choose, for whatever reason, to seek my/our advice and counsel (assessment, input, evaluation,) on what you are doing or are intending to accomplish, then we have some established requirements of you in return,

If you are unable or unwilling to monitor and document the performance of a ‘system’ you operate, it is not possible to advise/assist you.  One can not help those who won’t help themselves.

A) Starting with (from the onset) :

  • provide detailed context (intent, motivation, goal),
  • specific location, water source and  quality, sand source and specifications,
  • intended initial scale and any expansion plans,
  • production goal (personal consumption, barter/gift economy, market sales)  and your prior cultivation/management experience,
  • education level (biology) and prior experience in horticulture and in aquaculture endeavors,

B) Then, once you’ve implemented a ‘system’ – actually created and operated an iAVs, at that point we will want (expect) from you the following:

  • the physical details:  tank shape/volume, pump size, aeration, bed area, depth and drainage slope, sand composition and fractionation (general if not also specific), environmental conditions/maintenance/regulation efforts, water source and its quality. etc,
  • operational management regime (species and stocking, feed composition and rates, irrigation schedule and volumes, planting and harvest schedules) …
  • environmental metrics (parameters) maintained/observed. (averages and extremes measured) e.g., air and water temperatures, pH, insolation management, water parameters (quality),
  • feed source/quality, feed input rate(s) per a current stock size and number per tank volume and filter area.
  • plant species (and or mix), cultivars, growing techniques used, schedules and rotations.
  • pest and disease experiences and actions taken to mitigate and/or overcome.
  • plant yields ( kg harvested per unit area over stated time interval)
  • fish yield, FCR and SGR that occurred in conjunction (concurrently) with an identified crop yield (see above)
  • Photos are interesting but are NOT a substitute for information (data)

C) Notice for those to whom we have provided personalized assistance in the past, we expect (require) receipt of your findings/results to date prior to consideration of any involvement in future endeavors/planning.

3) Professional fees shall be expected (billed under contract) for professional services provided to commercial operators and/or pro-forma for profit ventures, including government agencies, foundations, and development assistance organizations. .  A retainer will generally be required.  Terms, conditions and time commitments subject to negotiation on case specific basis.  Physical travel to client location is not feasible (exceptions theoretically possible under rigorous terms). Nothing worthwhile (of inherent value) is EVER free of costs.  If you feel that professional consultation rates are ‘too expensive’ (non-budgeted), then you haven’t (yet) assessed/experienced the inherent costs of ignorance, naïveté and/or mal-investment.


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