GD….this is a post that is also a FAQ response.   Wikipedia…..see “hybrid”…..see “mongrel”

So-called “hybrid” aquaponics systems occur when two or more growing systems are coupled together

Here’s a good representative example of the questions that we receive about hybridising iAVs.

Could an iAVs bed act as a solids and fines biofilter for a DWC system? I have been wondering if you could simply have an iAVs bed with perhaps a few plants, but definitely not enough to take up all the nutrients. Could the water then flow to a DWC bed for growing other crops? It seems like the iAVs bed does essentially what many DWC filter systems do. Would the sand hold back essential nutrients for the DWC section or would the water from the iAVs growbed contain enough?

Yes, I want the best of both worlds… 🙂

Mark’s succint reply sums up our view quite nicely.

“If what you ‘really’ want is “both worlds”, then do both … separately.    I makes no sense at all to me to compromise both without any possibility of improving either.   In addition, if you did both, you could compare each to the other.  If you bastardize both you can compare neither.”



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